Why YouTube Thumbnails are Essential For Getting Subscribers – What to Know

They may not seem like it at first, but subscribers are the life force of YouTube. They allow the platform to thrive and make it possible for content creators’ work to be seen. This, in turn, makes the creators’ lifelong passions much more sustainable.

Content creators everywhere woe the fact that subscriber growth is often painfully difficult. As your viewers grow, however, the chances of your channel being introduced to others are increased. When the ball starts rolling and your subscriber count continues to pile up, your videos continue to gain an even greater reach because even more people are alerted when you put new content out. With a bit of a push from your existing list of subscribers and the power of word-of-mouth marketing, you’ll begin to notice that your dream of getting a video on the trending page is growing ever nearer.

Having a ton of subscribers sounds like a dream for anyone who creates videos on YouTube— but increasing your total tally is a whole harder than it sounds because of several factors that come into play.

Increasing your YouTube subscribers

The game of increasing YouTube subscribers is a process that can only go so many ways. From paying for subscribers all the way to using “clickbaity” content, gaining subscribers can be very easy or very difficult. Out of all the different ways to increase your YouTube subscribers, however, there’s one commonly overlooked method that can yield amazing results: using high-quality thumbnail images.

Why using high-quality image thumbnails works

Given the fact that the average user has more options to choose from than time to watch videos, it’s safe to assume that YouTubers deal with a crowd that makes choices based on simple details—especially when it comes to first impressions. First impressions, in turn, often heavily rely on video thumbnails.

When paired with the right keywords and an ample subscriber count, a video that has a high-quality thumbnail image can entice viewers in an instant. The reason something as simple as using a high-quality image thumbnail works so well lies in the fact that the average user makes a significant portion of their choice based on attached visual images alone. Additionally, not only will a YouTube video with a great-looking thumbnail get even more views than expected, but it can also lead any viewer to click the subscribe button right under the title.

An image thumbnail checklist

Choosing a high-quality image for each and every one of your videos’ thumbnails goes far beyond simply picking a photo simply because it’s “pretty” or “looks professional.” In fact, it has a lot more to do with well-roundedness than flat-out aesthetic appeal. Before you select your next image thumbnail, here’s a quick checklist to help you ensure that your image of choice is ready to attract views and generate subscribers:

  • Relevant to the title of the video
  • Accurately represents the content of the video
  • Generates intrigue at first sight
  • Is not identical to any other video thumbnail on YouTube
  • Gives a glimpse of what’s to come for those watching your video

Final words

Picking the right images for your YouTube video’s thumbnail is a great way to drive views and nurture potential subscribers into becoming actual followers. If you’ve been creating quality content but haven’t been getting enough subscribers, views, or shares on your uploads, then trust us—it’s time to pay attention to your video thumbnails!

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