Why Marketers Should Consider Making Unboxing Videos on YouTube?

Why Marketers Should Consider Making Unboxing Videos on YouTube

When it was launched in 2005, YouTube was just a video platform. But today, after 15 years, the platform is the top video marketing platform. It has over 2 million users, and is home to 95 percent of internet users of the world. Moreover, 1 billion hours of videos are watched on the platform on a daily basis. From music videos to tutorials to news to brand advertisements and everything in between, YouTube has it all.

But amongst all the type of video content that’s trending on YouTube, there’s one particular type that’s helping YouTube marketers rake in some good bucks—unboxing videos. If you buy a new product, say a mobile phone, you can just type the name of it in YouTube’s search bar and there will an unboxing video to help you discover everything about it. Essentially, “unboxing” a product is the process of recording the moment when it is opened and removed from the packaging in which it was sold. These videos are quite popular these days and there are good reasons for the same.

Good bucks in store for marketers

While for a buyer of a product, unboxing videos show what’s inside the package. But for marketers, the ballgame is slightly different. People who create and post these videos have a good chance to make money from the numerous ads that are displayed right at the beginning of the video or while it’s playing. For every 1,000 views, marketers stand a chance to rake in two to four dollars! But the catch is to make the video engaging so that viewers don’t abandon it.

Kids love them

Unboxing videos may seem like they are directed towards adults, but toddlers aren’t less in expressing their interest in this video style. Today’s kids are somewhat driven by technology and seeing a new tech coming up and knowing what’s inside the package proves equally intriguing for them. This is particularly because of the element of suspenseful reveal that unboxing videos have as infomercials. The pace of these videos is slow and their simplicity is entrancing. This is enough for kids to get hooked on to them.

These videos show reality

The part about unboxing videos is that they bring together real elements—a real person opening the box and a real object inside the box. Unlike anything else being marketed, unboxing videos do not feature glorious after-effects that make them feel unreal. It presents an object of viewers’ desire with real facts. There’s nothing showy, nothing fake, and nothing complicated. These videos have some sort of sensual qualities that evoke the interest and desire in viewers.

Work great during the consideration stage

No marketer can expect their audience to plunge straight into buying their product. People have to first consider the product, mull over its qualities, and then finally arrive at a decision whether to buy it or not. Unboxing videos aim people while they are in the consideration stage of the buying cycle. They are more human in nature and speak directly to people to raise their interest. Given the pure delight and surprise that these videos incite, it’s almost ecstatic and exhilarating for people to watch them and get attracted to what the marketer has in store for them.

From the perspective of a business, unboxing videos are a way of reaching potential buyers in the most non-commercial and honest way possible. It’s simply great to see how a box and wrapping paper create a relatable and memorable experience for people. But for that, it’s important that marketers focus extensively on their packaging no matter what they are selling—kids’ toys, electronics, beauty products or high-end accessories. They should know that these videos on YouTube are here to stay, and hence, they should get it right from the moment they start leveraging them.