Tips to Increase YouTube Shorts Views

Tips to Increase YouTube Shorts Views

YouTube Shorts are short videos offered as a service by the platform. Still in the testing stage, it should be available in the full-fledged version across the globe soon. Here is some information about this video short-form service.

YouTube Shorts Facts

  • The short form is a 15-second video that can be created by any user. It is still in the testing phase and can be created on Android phones. Users can put several video clips together with music. Music can be chosen from a library and created to be slow or fast. A stopwatch and timer notify users of their progress.
  • Shorts are going to be available for iOS devices soon. Users can watch videos on their tablets and smartphones. Since it has been developed in a mobile-first format, it may not be accessible to PC users.
  • If you want to view a YouTube Shorts video, you can do so by checking the YouTube homepage. You can watch all content on the platform easily. Look for the icon on your homepage.
  • Creating a short video has never been easier. Check your app for the icon and then choose the create option. You can create your video and then edit it for content. Adding music and ensuring that it does not cross the 15-second limit is easy.
  • Even if you do not have access to the Shorts camera feature, you can still upload existing content that is less than a minute long. Use the #Shorts hashtag to ensure that it is classified.

How to increase YouTube Views

Now that you know how YouTube Shorts are created, the next step is to figure how you can increase the number of views on the channel. 

  1. Strong grasp of basics: If you are planning to start making and sharing videos on YouTube, make sure that your basics are strong. There is a lot of information on how to set up an account and strengthening your profile.
  2. Establish niche: To optimize your marketing strategy and get high YouTube views, you must know which niche to target. You must find a unique way of presenting information on your topic of interest. Be as specific as possible.
  3. Research: YouTube is a great search engine too. If you want to find out more about optimizing your videos and growing your audience, YouTube can help. Just find the right keywords and get the information you need.
  4. Use the right metadata: You can check out metadata and your competition to find out how they structured their work. YouTube likes to keep visitors on the platform for a while, and they do it by linking relevant themes and videos. Use the most accurate metadata to drive traffic to your channel.
  5. Create playlists: Creating a playlist helps viewers spend time watching your videos one after another. This minimizes the chance of them moving on to other videos.
  6. Directing traffic using the right tools: Other than playlists, end screens and cards are the only available tools which video creators can use to bypass the algorithm. Check out how you can use these to keep traffic coming to your channel.
  7. Build a connection with views: In the last 5 years, more viewers have started following specific video creators. You can engage with other creators on YouTube and get more subscribers. Engage your audience actively and keep them excited about watching new content.

Increasing your subscriber base can be challenging given the amount of content available for viewing. You can use YouTube Shorts as teasers to gain a new base. A bit of research and some work, you can become successful in increasing your YouTube views and staying relevant.

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