The Top Tips for Creating YouTube Bumper Ads

The Top Tips for Creating YouTube Bumper Ads

YouTube is one of the most potent marketing platforms for brands in today’s times, irrespective of their size. From brands trying to reach out to their local audience to ones that want to showcase themselves globally, YouTube offers every business a chance to get its word out there.

To make things affordable for those who can’t create elaborate ads, YouTube has a Bumper Ads feature. Before we get into the tips to keep in mind for creating compelling Bumper Ads, let’s first understand what the feature is all about.

What are bumper ads?

YouTube Bumper Ads are short six-second ads that are non-skippable. Unlike elaborate ads that come with the option to skip after 5 seconds, viewers have to watch the entirety of a Bumper Ad before they get to watch a video.

More and more brands are turning to create Bumper Ads to expand their reach on YouTube because they don’t cost a fortune to make. However, as they are only six-second ads, creating them to bring about maximum impact is challenging.

If you want your brand to take advantage of the Bumper Ads feature on YouTube, here are some tips and tricks to use for creating memorable six-second advertisements.

Don’t try to include too many details

Imagine this. Your smartphone brand is just about to launch a new model, and it has plenty of features that will make smartphone users take an interest in it. You may think that mentioning all these features across all your YouTube ads is the most obvious thing to do from a marketing perspective. However, you’d be wrong.

As bumper ads are only six-seconds long, you can’t expect viewers to retain too many details. In fact, most viewers will simply turn a blind eye to the ad if there’s even a hint of “too much” going on in it. Instead, it’s best to zero in on the feature that makes your new phone stand out the most from the competition and include only that feature in the Bumper Ad.

Get right into it

As you can well guess, six seconds is barely enough time for your ad to feature a gradual build-up. To make matters worse, you can’t even include a two or three-second build-up because it will seem too rushed. The best course of action to take when it comes to Bumper Ads is to get talking about the product straightaway.

If you wish to include something fascinating to capture the attention of viewers, use the first one or two seconds to introduce the ad with either a funny moment or a memorable visual. If you’ve got the money, you can also rope in a celebrity for the ad.

Simplicity is the key

How successful your Bumper Ad will be is often determined by how simple you decide to keep it. Generally, the norm for Bumper Ads is that the simplest ads are the most successful. So don’t overdo it with the effects and cuts.

Remember, apart from Bumper Ads, YouTube allows you to create five other types of ads, which are all longer than Bumper Ads. So if you want to make complex ads, choose from the other options. With Bumper Ads, simplicity is the way to go.

Include both text and narration

There are countless YouTube viewers who simply turn away from their screens when an ad begins to play. For ads that can be skipped, viewers may wait till the ‘Skip Ad’ option appears, but if it’s a Bumper Ad, they know that they can’t skip it and hence, may totally take their eyes away from the screen.

A lot of Bumper Ads fail simply because they include only written text within the ads and no narration. It’s best to go with both as the narration would stand a chance of conveying the message of the ad to a viewer even if his eyes are off the screen.
With these four tips, you can create Bumper Ads that can take your brand places. Try them and you won’t be disappointed.

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