The Key Performance Indicators to measure your YouTube Marketing Efforts

The Key Performance Indicators to measure your YouTube Marketing Efforts

There is a multitude of YouTube KPIs that are different from other popular digital marketing channels. It can make it difficult for new creators to develop their own video marketing strategy. That is why, in this article, we will be discussing the Key Performance Indicators that can be used for measuring the YouTube marketing efforts.

Watch time

This is among the most important KPI for YouTube. Views are an important metric but they won’t provide you with the information required for making improvements to the YouTube videos. A video can have millions of views. But, if the watch time isn’t reflecting the video’s length, it means that the viewers are not engaging with the video in a way they should.

In order to avoid low watch times, creators need to take a story-based approach as an episodic structure can encourage the viewer to watch the next video. If the video has a higher watch time, it will be elevated in the recommendations section and search results.

Subscriber gains and losses

The overall gains and losses of subscribers isn’t a useful metric. The creator should know what types of videos are bringing them new subscribers and break down the reasons why the video has worked. The subscribers must be considered as unspoken reviews. They are a part of the channel’s eventual growth and must be a part of the YouTube optimization plan. A channel with 100k subscribers will be able to influence more people to become subscribers than a channel that has only 10. Subscriptions will lead to more subscribers.

Video rankings

Just like keywords and search engines, videos are ranked by YouTube’s algorithm on the basis of tags. There are a lot of brand videos that suffer because of bad tagging. It also stops them from taking advantage of YouTube’s lucrative long-tail queries. Creators need to research proper tags for their videos and track their video rankings. There is a multitude of tools including the Creator Studio of YouTube available online that can help the creators with tracking.

Average viewed percentage

If a viewer is leaving the video mid-play, it speaks a lot about the value and quality of the video. It is important that creators have access to this information. By tracking this metric, creators can check if the videos are able to hold the audience’s attention. If it’s not, they should know the exact point when the viewer lost interest and dropped off. This way, creators can identify the problematic areas and improve their videos.
Audience retention is an important metric as if you are able to keep viewers engaged for the majority of the video, it can extend the overall watch time and the viewing duration.

Traffic source

The traffic source is a data goldmine for creators. This data can be used for increasing metrics such as views and subscribers. With the right keywords in the description and right tags, there is a much better chance of increasing views. And the best way of using the right keywords and tags is identifying the ones that already have better ranks in the report of traffic sources. This way, they can make changes to add the keywords in the description. It helps the video get a better rank and have an increased possibility of becoming a suggested video.

YouTube Marketing has its own terms and analytics. But at the end of the day, it is all about creating engaging content and driving viewers down the sales funnel. With the above-mentioned KIPs, creators will be empowered with data to make it all happen.

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