How to promote your nature blog on YouTube during the pandemic?

How to promote your nature blog on YouTube during the pandemic?

Nature blogs have seen a rise in their popularity during recent times. Even in the pre-Youtube era, people loved seeing what was going on in nature and what kind of things were out there. Discovery and Animal Planet went where no man had gone before and gave us memorable host s like Steve Irwin along the way. Everyone who grew up in the late 90s or early 2000s is familiar with at least one of these channels.

Nature blogs on YouTube have become even more important because they serve as a reminder of what we used to take for granted. Since the pandemic nature has had time to recover, you can now see the positive effects of no human intervention.

People are yearning to know more about nature and when stuck inside their houses, people are researching more and more about nature. Here are a few tips as to how you can promote your nature blog in these testing times –

1. Write Catchy Titles

When writing a title, it is best to think of yourself as a copywriter. What would look the most attractive? What will get people’s attention? People love content that is informative and to the point. Writing a catchy title without it being clickbait is an art form in itself. It takes time to find the balance, but when one does master it is a game changer.

Spend time over the titles and make sure they are the most intriguing and engagement driving. Check what kind of titles your competitors are using and make titles similar in tone to them. This is a great way to attract the audience for your nature blog on YouTube.

2. What Does Your Audience Want?

When figuring things out for your channel, you will realize that some videos do better than others. This is because people like to spend time watching videos that they think are the best. To figure this out, study your analytics and also pay attention to your competition.

In most cases, infotainment and edutainment videos do best for channels that are not based around pop culture.

3. Engage

Youtube might not be a social media platform, but it does have striking similarities if you are to notice them. Interacting with your user base makes you rank higher on the algorithm. This means if you like and respond to the comments on your video, then the chances of you gaining traction is higher.

4. Thumbnails

The thumbnail is everything. It is the first thing people see when they see your video, either in the search results or suggestions. Ideally, the thumbnail should be bright and directly related to the content you are going to post. Creating thumbnails for yourself makes the video stand out from the crowd. Do not rely on the auto-generated thumbnails as they might not be the most flattering.

5. Cross-Promote

Make it a point to link your previous videos in the new video if you are talking about a topic that you might have discussed in the past. This brings in views on the old content but also gives the audience an all-in-one solution under one hood.

This can be a call to action type or links in your description. The annotation system has recently been revised and may not be the most effective.

Nature is no longer a niche thing but is being accepted by all as the pandemic goes on. Let your channel be a great reminder of how things used to be in the wild and how one should not take natural splendor for granted. With these tips, blog promotion and Youtube Marketing would be a breeze for you.

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