How to Market to Generation Z on YouTube?

How to Market to Generation Z on YouTube?

Traditional marketing tactics, involving commercial placements, print ads, and celebrity endorsements, have always proved reliable when it comes to influencing consumers. But these techniques are slowly becoming outdated in today’s digital age because the Generation Z is now coming to the forefront.

The Generation Z of consumers are those who are born after 1990. These consumers make up a significant percentage of the population and contribute greatly towards the economy. This is the reason why brands are unsurprisingly moving towards entertaining, personable and playful marketing strategies to target the Gen Z market.

Now is the time for tech-savvy, modern-day marketers to know that the Generation Z consumers different noticeably from their previous generations—Gen X and Gen Y—when it comes to online habits. This generation relies on YouTube videos for all their information and entertainment needs. To market to this generation of consumers through video, here are a few useful tips to follow:

Setting a YouTube marketing budget aside

First and foremost, brand marketers have to understand the importance of going digital in the present times. Not having a digital presence now will lead them to lose their competitiveness because the Generation Z consumers will already have their loyalties set on other brands.

Competitive brands set aside a whopping sum to use up for YouTube marketing. Given the high revenue-generating potential of the platform, brand marketers have to take it seriously. From video production to paid promotions, everything on YouTube will require money—something that brand marketers need to keep ready if they wish to sway the Gen Z.

Focusing on real engagement

Engagement is the key to success in the digital space. People take those brands seriously that are authentic in all ways. For success on a competitive space like YouTube, brand marketers have to forge real connections with real users. This becomes possible when their focus shifts from solely YouTube celebrities to creating something truly genuine.

Not having an authentic emotional connection with the Gen Z consumers will only be a recipe for disaster for brand marketers. That’s because all their marketing efforts will be viewed like traditional advertising—something that does not appeal much to the Gen Z consumers. The authentic video promotions are, the better will be the results.

Being specific about the target audience

Last but certainly not the least, success on YouTube while marketing to the Gen Z consumers will require brand marketers to be as specific about their target demographics as possible. After committing to connect with this generation of consumers through YouTube, brand marketers will have to narrow down their target audience even further to come up with more meaningful video content.

It’s important for brand marketers to understand the age, location and interests of the Gen Z consumers in detail. Having this information will arm them with the ability to achieve real engagement on the platform by providing video content that resonates with the mental makeup of consumers. Brand marketers have to leverage the power of digital data to come up with short-tail and long-tail keywords to forge a connection with a specific audience group.

The above are three most-touted tips that brand marketers can follow to target the present-day Generation Z consumers on YouTube. The level of planning that goes into it will certainly seem intimidating initially, but there’s nothing much to fret about. When brand marketers focus all their efforts on creating engaging and valuable video content on YouTube, they will surely be able to reach out to the Gen Z consumers. With time and patience, they can definitely gain the loyalty of these consumers and achieve their bottom line.

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