How to Improve the Quality of Your YouTube Videos?

How to Improve the Quality of Your YouTube Videos?

Today, whenever you think about getting quick, easy-to-follow, and informative tutorials, the first thing that comes to mind is YouTube, isn’t it? That’s perhaps the reason why 2 billion people log into the video platform every month. 81 percent of those in the age bracket of 15 and 25 years in the United States are on the platform. Believe it or not, the landscape out there is pretty competitive, and the YouTubing trend is not slowing down anytime soon.

If you are leveraging YouTube video marketing to promote your brand, increase your reach and drive more conversions on your website, then that’s a great thing to do. However, you need to know that for you to succeed on YouTube, you need to mark a difference from a million other YouTubers out there. Amateurish, poor-quality, hazy and hastily shot YouTube videos are extremely damaging to brand reputation—something that you need to be aware of.

To get the best out of YouTube, you need to ensure your videos hit the highest quality mark. For that, you can follow the tips below:

Get the right equipment

You may consider a good smartphone to shoot your videos, but that works best for low profile promotional or candid videos. If you are aiming big, you need to get something big. Creating a professional brand video for YouTube will require you to invest in high-end equipment. Make sure you have a screen recorder, microphone, video editor, DSLRs or any other high-end camera, and lights to give your video a professional touch.

Get your lighting right

Another important tip to enhance the quality of your YouTube videos is to consider changing your current lighting. The lighting of the space where you are shooting your video has a huge impact on the quality of the end product. Sunlight is considered the best lighting source for video shoots. But you need to make sure the light is softer. Consider shooting in the morning or evening, instead of midday. If you are shooting indoor, make sure you have enough windows to let natural light in. Hard light will always create shadows—something that’s distracting for viewers. Soft light, on the other hand, creates a more open vibe.

Consider making jump-cut edits

The jump-cut method is considered one of the fastest and easiest ways to create professional videos. If you aren’t aware of jump cut, then it is a method that stitches together many short clips to create a single cohesive video. This method saves you a lot of time while recording and you won’t need to mug up long video scripts. The pace of the video is also quick and hence, it succeeds in keeping viewers hooked on. To create a jump-cut YouTube video, you need to craft a script in advance and churn out crisp, to-the-point sentences.

Take care of the audio

Sound quality of a YouTube video is a major determinant of the overall video quality. Bad-quality audio can pull your video’s viewership down. So make sure you have a good sound editing software or tool to perfect the audio of the video. Use good voice over—something that sends across your messaging in a way that touches the heart of your audience. There are many noise-removal microphones in the marketplace. You can invest in one of them to create videos that are clearly audible to your audience.
The above are just a few of the many ways in which you can improve the quality of your YouTube videos. The key to success lies in properly planning your content and video shoot, and invest in the right type of equipment. This will surely help you boost your revenue from YouTube video marketing.