How to Go About with Upper Funnel Advertising on YouTube?

How to Go About with Upper Funnel Advertising on YouTube?

The truth is video is all set to drive the future of marketing. Marketers worldwide are now reckoning upon no other social media platform, but YouTube, for their video marketing campaigns. In 2019, the video-streaming platform earned advertising revenues of circa USD 15.15 million worldwide—something that accounted for about 9.4% of the total annual revenue of Google.

If you are a brand owner, you will find amazing opportunities on YouTube to generate brand awareness and boost your sales. But for that, you need to create a marketing funnel that would help you reach out to consumers at different stages—top, middle, and bottom.

YouTube advertising is not just about creating appealing videos but also about creating videos that align with the reasons why consumers get on the platform in the first place. In this article, let’s throw light on upper funnel advertising on YouTube and the kind of videos you should be creating for consumers during this part of their conversion journey.

What is upper funnel YouTube advertising?

Upper funnel advertising on YouTube is about creating brand messaging directed towards users before your product or service seeps into their awareness. This stage of advertising on YouTube is extremely crucial for achieving sustainable business growth and moving the brand forward to the next stage. At this stage of your advertising funnel, your audience identifies the various challenges and looks for a solution to overcome them.

Advertising content for the top level of your marketing funnel is all about educating your audience about a real problem they are facing and communicating the solution in the form of a video. When done right, YouTube advertising at this stage proves effective in setting your brand apart from your competitors, thereby allowing you to ooze out as a top choice. It becomes extremely imperative for you to focus on quality and reach this stage. When you get the placement of your ad right, you stand a chance to grab the largest share of your target market.

Types of videos to create for upper funnel viewers

Success in upper funnel YouTube advertising will require you to create the following types of videos:

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are of utmost importance in today’s brand marketing initiatives on YouTube. These videos throw light on complex concepts and explain them in easy-to-understand language. Through these videos, you will be able to give your viewers a clear understanding of your solution and how it essentially functions. One good way to make these videos interesting and appealing is by using visuals, animations, and graphics.

Educational videos

At the beginning of their journey, your viewers will not have the necessary information to identify a solution to their problem. You need to be their guide when they start to enter the top of marketing of your marketing funnel. That’s where educational videos come into the picture. These videos help you provide quick answers to your viewers’ questions. They provide the much-needed information about your offering and the benefits your viewers are likely to get from it. Just like explainer videos, your educational videos should also be crisp, visually appealing, and easy-to-understand.

Short video ads

Lastly, short video ads work great for drawing the attention of your top-of-the-funnel viewers on YouTube. These videos are short and send your message in an easily consumable format on YouTube. Generally, these videos have a duration of 30 seconds, which is why you need to craft an extremely crisp message. When done right, these videos can quickly grab the attention of your audience and hook them to it till the end. Just like the two video types mentioned above, these videos seek to identify a problem and provide a relevant solution to your viewers.

Follow these tips to target your upper funnel viewers on YouTube. It will surely help you take your brand a notch higher on the video platform.

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