How to Get Your Videos Ranked on YouTube?

YouTube is a powerful marketing tool that every business needs. It is a platform that is ideal to market a business. Many businesses have a YouTube account wherein videos are posted, but video marketing is not a success. Even after uploading stellar videos, your videos may not get sufficient views if you do not fulfill the YouTube SEO needs.

If you have failed to take advantage of the videos you have posted, don’t give up yet. The key to YouTube marketing is getting your video content ranked up on YouTube, as well as in google search. How can you do that? How can you get your videos ranked?

Pay attention to the length of the video

Did you know about YouTube’s engagement metrics? As per the metrics, the more seconds that a user is on your video, the higher it will rank. It means having longer videos will add more seconds to the count, and higher is your rank. As per YouTube, the longer the video is, the better the content will be, and anything that is short or fails to add seconds is spam.

Name your video ideally

Improper naming is the most common SEO optimization mistake that YouTube marketers make. The video is uploaded under its raw file name as the YouTube account automatically pulls the raw file name. Your video name should be based on the target keyword that is chosen for SEO.

Video description must be optimized

YouTube is popular for the video content that it offers and not for the description. But, if you want your video content to be ranked on the top, you must ensure that the description follows the below guidelines.

  • Make it unique and attractive
  • Keep it short, but write at least 200 words.
  • Don’t forget to use keywords and its synonyms throughout
  • Make sure that you do not use the same keyword twice
  • Don’t forget to add links

Create a playlist

Playlists tell your audience what the video is about. When you create a playlist, make sure that you add synonym keywords. They are the final piece of uploading new video content on YouTube.

Add a custom thumbnail

You are more likely to click on a video that you feel matches the title. Wouldn’t you? When you upload a video, YouTube will offer you three thumbnails to choose from, which are nothing but screenshots from your video. Choose the right thumbnail that can control the first impression of your audience. It must be able to tell your audience what the video is actually about.

Don’t forget your channel page

A channel page is a great opportunity to prep the algorithm about the content. Make sure that you fill out all the vital information on your page as millions of YouTube users post and repost videos for profit. These profiles are most often created by spammer SEOs. To optimize your channel, make sure that you fill channel art, link, description, and subscribe aspect of your channel page.

Promote your video content

The most ideal way to promote your video content on YouTube is to take it over to your social media platform as social media has forced Google to take notice of the activities there. The ranking factor on social media platforms is relevancy and the ranking factor on all other platforms is a strong SEO.

YouTube is a powerful platform, and you can reap a lot of benefits from it by utilizing your know-how! As video marketing is still in its infancy stage, it is bound to improve and progress over time. To be a success in this field, it is essential that you get your video content to the right person at the right time.