How to Create Effective YouTube Ads During The Holiday Season?

How to Create Effective YouTube Ads During The Holiday Season?

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a whole new lifestyle for people, especially for those who seek entertainment from the online space. YouTube, the second-largest search engine after its parent company Google, has become the go-to medium for people looking for video content, not just to kill time but to stay informed during these tough times.

The increasing use of YouTube by people worldwide has created new opportunities for brand marketers, especially for those who resort to video marketing. The explosive growth of the platform has given marketers the confidence that video ads will work in their favor during the holiday season.

It’s true that YouTube ads can help brands generate awareness and increase their reach during the holiday season. But it’s crucial to implement the right creative strategy to achieve video marketing objectives.

Below are a few strategies to create impactful YouTube ads during the holiday season:

1. Creating shopping campaigns

There is a subtype of YouTube ads called YouTube shopping campaigns, which can greatly help marketers generate awareness of their products. TrueView for Shopping allows marketers to showcase up to six products besides the YouTube ad as it plays.

The best part about these campaigns is that marketers can increase the visibility of their products even when the user skips the ad. This is because shopping campaigns require marketers to link one of their product feeds featured on Google Merchant Centre. Products that are out of stock will not show up in the video ads but will reappear once the product feed gets updated with the latest inventory.

2. Using call-to-action extensions

The call-to-action extension on YouTube is perhaps the most common and the easiest feature marketers can add to their YouTube ads. These extensions are available for running almost all campaign types using TrueView in-stream video ads.

The feature will appear temporarily on the video ad when it is played. The user may decide to skip or watch the video, but a second call-to-action extension will continue appearing in the upper right corner of the page. It disappears only if the user jumps to another video or visits a different page. These extensions are capable of driving traffic to the brand’s website because they can be accessed while creating the ad.

3. Using sitelink extensions

There may be times when marketers are unable to set up the TrueView for Shopping ad campaign. But this shouldn’t stop them from driving more traffic because there are YouTube sitelink extensions. These extensions are the same ones that are available for Google Ads. Honestly, these extensions are quite useful for pushing people to the product or sale pages.

To make sure of sitelinks with TrueView in-stream video ads, marketers need to be running a TrueView for Action campaign. This campaign requires them to select any one of the three campaign objectives: Leads, Website Traffic, or Sales. These extensions call for at least two sitelinks on the campaign for showing up with a YouTube video ad. However, marketers get the option to add a total of up to four sitelinks.


The above are three strategies that marketers can implement while creating YouTube video ads during the holiday season. They can achieve their holiday targets better by testing and combining these strategies. However, it’s important to note that not all of these features can be leveraged all at once in a single campaign. Marketers should determine the campaign type and subtype that works best for them while meeting their sales goals during the holiday season. So, the key to creating effective YouTube ads during this time lies in testing and optimizing these strategies.

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