How Can You Use YouTube Premieres for Your Business?

How Can You Use YouTube Premieres for Your Business?

YouTube is always launching new features on the platform to make the platform more interesting for viewers as well as content creators. YouTube Premieres is one such feature that can help your business in several ways.

With YouTube Premieres, you get to combine live streaming with conventional videos. Here, pre-recorded videos can be played live, and your viewers will have the opportunity to interact with you via live chat feature.

Nobody suffers from any spoilers since the video is played live and can’t be forwarded. After a video is premiered, it gets saved to your YouTube channel just like a normal video would appear.

Using YouTube Premiere for your business

While YouTube Premiere is only allowed from Desktops, viewers can participate using any platform: Android, mWeb, iOS, or Desktop. You have to select to upload a video on your YouTube channel and go to the dropdown’s Scheduled section. Upload the video you want by selecting the Premiere option and decide on whether you will premiere it right away or later, at a scheduled date and time. Add a title, description, and thumbnail and your video is ready for premiere. YouTube Premieres don’t work for 360/vr180 videos or output above 1080p.

Before your video starts, there will be a public watch page launched with the metadata of the premiered video. Your opted-in viewers will get a notification reminder 30 minutes prior to the video starting and again just before the video starts.

The premiere will begin with a 2-minute countdown, after which the video will be available to be watched in real-time. You will be able to see the number of viewers of your video premiere in real time by checking the count of concurrent viewers. Live chat and comments are features that will make it possible for you to interact with your audience in real time and increase engagement levels.

While the chat replay will be available to viewers even once the premiere ends, you have the option of turning off chat when you want to.

Promoting your video premiere on YouTube

  • Make sure you cross-promote your premiere and watch page URL on different social media platforms.
  • You must also encourage your subscribers to opt to be reminded and choose the bell icon so that they get notified whenever you post your content.
  • Be clear in the metadata of your video and select thumbnails that will get viewers interested in clicking on your video.
  • Engage with your audience on your watch page prior to and during the premiere using Super Chat and other tools. You must carefully monitor the comments section and respond to any questions asked to keep engagement rates upon your channel.

Benefits of using YouTube Premieres for your business

Benefits of using YouTube Premieres for your business

Encourage viewer anticipation

Even before premiering your video, you get to create anticipation among your viewers regarding your video. You can encourage them to set reminders and hype it up so that more people join your video premiere.

Guide viewers to required pages

Cross-promotion of your video premiere on various social media platforms as well as a watch page generated for your videos make it possible for you to direct viewers to pages you want.

Get higher engagement

Use of Super Chat and live chat will help you engage better with your audience in real time and answer any questions they may have. This will help your viewers feel a more personal connect with your brand and improve engagement rates.

Make money

If you have a minimum of 100,000 subscribers and are part of YouTube’s Partner Program, you can make money through YouTube Premieres. Automatic pre-roll ads featured during the premiere can be a means of making money if your channel is set for monetization. You can also make money from Super Chats and Super Stickers where your viewers pay to have their messages pinned to the top during the premiere. You can even offer interested viewers with channel membership on video premieres and earn money in this way.

Monitoring analytics for your video premieres can help you make the necessary changes to your YouTube marketing strategy.


The benefits offered by YouTube Premieres makes it a necessary tool to take advantage of for brands looking to grow their business on YouTube.

How Can You Use YouTube Premieres for Your Business? by YTpals Writers,

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