Here’s All You Need To Know About YouTube’s Video Builder

All You Need To Know About YouTube’s Video Builder

Creation of promotional YouTube videos made quicker

There’s no doubt that video is ruling the online world these days. 85 percent of marketers claim that video proves highly effective in grabbing attention in the online space. Ads in the video format is believed to be the No.1 method for consumers to discover a brand they purchased from. About 51 percent of adults in the US say that YouTube videos are essential to them when they are trying to figure out things that they have never done before.

As such, businesses of all kinds, particularly small businesses, need to have a well-crafted video marketing strategy and have YouTube in the arsenal of tools for sure. While it has never been an easy task for marketers to come up with engaging, appealing videos that convert, things are expected to be slightly simpler and faster with YouTube’s Video Builder.

Launched recently, YouTube’s Video Builder is a free beta tool created by Google to enable B2B video marketers create promotional videos of short duration for the platform. The tool is available to any business leveraging video marketing that may not be well-equipped to create videos from scratch. Since businesses, irrespective of their nature and size, often face a crunch of time and necessary resources, Video Builder can prove extremely useful. Also, those companies that no longer find in-person video shoots practical owing to the pandemic can find a boon in this tool.

What does it mean for marketers?

YouTube’s video builder allows B2B marketers to come up with short promotions of 6 to 15 seconds’ duration. It offers a variety of video layouts that can make the process a lot easier and faster. Google has designed the tools to animate various static assets so that marketers don’t have to rely on the availability of actual video footage. They can provide their own text, logos and images to generate a short video.

When creating a video, the tool allows businesses to customize fonts and colors, and even increase the compelling power of the video by adding music from the royalty-free music library of Google. After creating and uploading a video, the content can be used in any way they wish to. Businesses can use the tool the content on Video Builder for their advertisements, display on their website, sharing on social media, or any other promotional purposes. The tools provides an excellent way for businesses to connect with customers through video content and provide the necessary information to influence their purchase decisions. It can be either through their website, email marketing campaign, or advertising campaign.

According to Google, Video Builder is designed for creating lightweight, supplemental videos. The tool is not capable of making or editing video content of very long duration. In order to do that, marketers have to use the creator studio of YouTube or use their proprietary video software. Google, however, says that this could be the first opportunity for businesses to create videos in an efficient, low-cost manner.

Using Video Builder

After signing up for the beta version of the tool, businesses can get an email that grants them access to Video Builder. After that, they need to follow these steps:

  • Choosing a layout as per their video marketing goal.
  • Adding the logo and color of their brand.
  • Adding texts and uploading images.
  • Choosing a font that they like.
  • Picking a music track.
  • Clicking on “create video” and previewing the final video.
  • Saving it and uploading it one their YouTube channel.

Additionally, they can also create a Google or YouTube ad campaign with the video they created. That’s not always necessary though. They can simply use the tool and upload their videos without paying anything for advertising.

While not all video marketers have started using Video Builder, they can be sure that the process of creating promotional videos is set to become way faster and easier with this tool. Given the present situation, where many of them are holed up at home, a free tool like this can help them keep in touch with their customers