Every B2B Brand Should Know About These YouTube Marketing Trends

Most of you B2B brand owners may think that YouTube is just a platform for sharing video clips. That’s true, but there’s also more to it. Most of you may not know that YouTube is the second-largest search engine after, of course, its owner Google. It has over 2 billion users around the globe, and about 73 percent of adults in the US hold an account on it. Moreover, 62 percent of businesses leverage YouTube for various endeavors.

Since YouTube is taking the marketing scenario for B2B marketers by storm, it’s time that you know some key trends to get the best out of the platform. Check them out here:

The rise of how-to videos

While it’s not a new trend, it’s certainly becoming crucial for B2B marketers to create how-to videos to share valuable tutorials with audiences. Google has also tweaked its algorithms to push such videos higher up on its SERP. These videos focus more on teaching about the application of a solution, rather than selling the solution.

Believe it or not, these types of videos are also changing the customer support services provided by brands. They address the common concerns of people regarding a product or a service, thereby reducing the burden on your support team for doing the same.

360-degree videos for a comprehensive view

Another genre of YouTube videos that are gaining traction in the B2B marketing sector these days is 360-degree videos. The advent of these videos has changed the way B2B brands showcase their products before their consumers. It’s no longer about video content being just click-to-play formats.

With device screens become more flexible and new features coming to them, these videos are emerging as a powerful tool for brand promotion. Consumers can now shift the content around, interact with it, and enjoy an experience that’s immersive like never before.

Daily routine videos to keep audiences in the moment

While it may sound like a new thing altogether for B2B brands, videos of morning and night routines are becoming highly popular these days. In fact, they are growing with no sign of looking back. These types of video content are customized to keep viewers engrossed. They prove quite different from other types of storytelling videos since they are focused on daily, moment-to-moment rituals.

These videos prove highly beneficial for B2B brands because they keep viewers aware of everything that’s happening on the other side. They keep viewers hooked onto the brand and keep them informed about every small to big changes that may influence their perception of the brand.

Live streaming for building better connections

Storytelling has always been an effective way to wow the audience. One best way for B2B brands to do so is by leveraging YouTube Live. Live streaming is a great method of creating a positive impression of the brand. When you go live on YouTube, your brand comes across as more relatable and authentic. It forms a first-person interactive channel between you and your viewers, thereby allowing them to connect with you in real-time.

Whether it’s a product launch event, important conference, or live demonstration of a product or service, YouTube Live is the best channel to use for covering such significant moments. Also, you may capture some behind-the-scene moments on YouTube Live to show the fun side of your brand.

The above are just a few of the many trends that you, as a B2B brand owner, should note while using YouTube. But, no matter what, you should always remember that your YouTube video content should be relatable and add value to your viewers. The platform is compelling, so make sure you align your marketing strategies with these trends to reap the maximum advantage.