A Beginner’s Guide to Accessing YouTube Metrics & Data – What to Know

Just like Facebook’s page likes and Instagram’s followers, YouTube also has a few person-based metrics of success in the form of both “friends” and “subscribers.”

Depending on your selected settings, certain types of users on YouTube can be assigned to different levels of access on your page, with the “friends” group having a greater level of access. When it comes to content creation, however, you’ll most likely have to go the extra mile by blurring the line between the two groups in order to get a greater amount of information to tailor the experience for users.

In regards to building better user experience, it is best to first view your page from a subscriber’s standpoint by going over your list of subscribers. The task of finding subscribers, however, can be quite a bit more complicated than it should be. So you might be wondering, “How can you see who your YouTube channel subscribers are?”

If you’ve been looking to improve the experience that users have with your channel and content by studying who exactly your subscribers are, here’s how you can find them first:

Step #1: First things first, head over to your channel by selecting the “channel” option from the dropdown menu and click it so that you can go to your page.

Step #2: Scroll downwards until you see a boxed section called “subscribers.” If you have a slightly higher subscriber count than average, click the “see all” hyperlinked text to see the entire list.

Step #3: Go over each and every one of their profiles by clicking the thumbnail image of any one of them to head over to their YouTube channel.

Is there any way I can learn more about my subscribers while also knowing about those who visit my channel but haven’t subscribed?

Yes, you can actually learn more about the people who visit your channel (even those who aren’t subscribed) by heading over to the Insights portion of your YouTube profile. To get to the insights page, follow the following steps:

Step #1: Head over to the home page and click your username placed at the upper right of the portion of the page. Then, you’ll see a dropdown menu and find the “History” option listed; click that.

Step #2: Click “Insight” to head over to the namesake page right after.

Step #3: Upon landing on the Insight page, you’ll be greeted by various charts, numbers, and subcategories of insights over various parts of your YouTube channel. From this point, you can delve deeper into the metrics of your channel by clicking on different tabs, such as “Popularity” or “Demographics.”

If you’re a content creator on YouTube who has spent more time crafting content than being able to explore the various parts of your page and the website itself, the chances are that you might not be knowledgeable of certain add-ons you can use. Worry not, however, because this guide can definitely help you get started on using various information on YouTube to your advantage.

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