8 Ways You Can Increase Your Subscribers on YouTube – Our Guide

Being successful in YouTube entails more than just uploading videos and asking people to subscribe to your channel. If you want to attain success in the platform, you must build your audience first. Your so-called subscribers are the loyal fans that will wait for your new video and share them to expand your exposure.

Why focus on your subscribers?

Subscribers follow your channel to be among the first people to see your new uploads. Consider them as advocates who watch your videos entirely and leaves a comment at the end. They also share your videos to those who may like the content as well.

With that, here are eight ways you can increase your subscriber list to gain massive views and possible endorsements on YouTube.

1. Be consistent

You can’t expect to be successful on YouTube if you rarely upload videos. Instead, follow a consistent schedule for releasing your new videos so that your followers will have something to look forward to on certain days. If you’re uploading is irregular, you will lose viewers who are eagerly waiting for new content from you.

Having one video per week is an ideal volume because it gives your followers time to view the video and for other YouTube users to discover your episode as it trends. Likewise, it’s not enough to publish anything weekly. Instead, develop videos that provide value so that viewers will come back for more.

2. Strive for excellence

Posting weekly videos with substance is not enough because viewers will leave after the first few seconds. Therefore, let your creative juices flow in delivering your message. If you are aspiring to make YouTube your career, you cannot afford to produce boring content because no one will watch it.

Ultimately, YouTube viewers go to the platform seeking for entertainment. While what is entertaining for one person is different from the other, make sure that you always inject your energy and enthusiasm into your videos. Viewers will notice your effort and will subscribe to your channel as a result.

3. Ask people to subscribe

Sometimes, all you must do is ask. Always mention how viewers can subscribe to your channel and click the bell icon to keep them notified with your latest release. It’s better to give them a compelling call to action rather than a simple request. Also, inform them what benefits await them by subscribing to your channel.

4. Insert annotations

Annotations are like sticky notes that content creators place on their videos. Placing these annotations at certain moments of your video will boost your marketing efforts. You can add a call-to-action annotation that looks like a speech bubble under the Subscribe button. There’s also click-to-action annotation, which is an overlaid graphic that brings viewers to your subscribe page. However, remember not to overdo the annotations as your viewers can be turned away.

5. Place a YouTube Widget on your blog

Maximizing all means of the promotion will get you more viewers and subscribers. Therefore, placing a widget on your website that brings visitors to your YouTube channel helps increase your subscribers. You can also gain more views by embedding a short version of your videos and redirecting them to YouTube for the full video.

6. Partner with related channels

Collaboration helps you engage the subscribers of other YouTube creators. You can create videos with them while talking about your favorite topic and cross-post it on your channel as well. If that’s not possible, recommend similar YouTubers to your “Featured Channels” and expect their subscribers to start watching your videos.

7. Interact with your followers regularly

YouTube is a community, not just a place where you can dump your videos, hoping that people will watch. Communicating with your subscribers will help you in getting to know your followers better and determine what topics they want you to tackle. Subscribe to their channels as well to show your support.

8. Give rewards for subscribers

You can create a payoff wherein you promise to do something when you attain a certain number of subscribers. For example, you can raffle off a prize or do some giddy acts if you reach 1,000 subscribers. As they begin to support you, it’s just right that you offer them something in return.

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