5 Metrics for YouTube Analytics that Actually Matter

5 Metrics for YouTube Analytics that Actually Matter

When it comes to YouTube marketing, there are numerous analytics metrics that one can keep track of. These metrics provide us deep insights into how well we’re marketing on YouTube and what’s not going well for us. However, more often than not, we tend to pay grave focus to a host of metrics available. This might sound like the right, and smart thing to do but isn’t necessarily useful.

Analyzing your performance and marketing campaigns are crucial; however, doing so smartly is the key here. A few handful of metrics or more rewarding and insightful than others. If you are looking to understand your YouTube marketing efforts better and improve them thoroughly, here are the most important metrics that actually matter more than the rest.

1. Watch time

A fairly simple and straightforward metric, businesses often tend to consider watch time as a trivial metric. Watch time is the total time in minutes spent by viewers in watching content in your video. The longer you keep viewers on your video and channel (and hence on YouTube), the higher YouTube will boost your channel in search results. So, if your watch time is falling down drastically, focus on creating more engaging content that people would want to watch till the end.

2. Average percentage viewed

Viewers don’t always watch the entire video unless it’s highly engaging and fun. Average percentage viewed refers to the percentage of each of your videos that viewers are watching before ditching the video. This can give you good insights into where your videos are lacking engaging content. For, eg. If most of your videos are abandoned in the first 5 minutes, you might want to look at creating better openings for the videos.

3. Re-watches

What makes for excellent, engaging video content? Something that the audience comes back to watch repeatedly. The re-watches metrics lets you know the exact amount of times that your audience has re-watched a video or certain parts of the video. This metric helps you know that your videos are engaging and retain the audience’s attention well. The number of re-watches of very specific portions of your videos can also give you a foundation to base your future video campaigns on. If the audience is liking a particular part more than the rest of it, chances are they would want to watch it in future videos as well.

4. Traffic sources

Your audience doesn’t need to land upon your YouTube videos via YouTube search only. Viewers are often drawn to your YouTube channel owing to other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or even Google search. By identifying and understanding your traffic sources, you can learn which section of the audience is loving your content. For, eg. If a big chunk of your YouTube audience is gained from Instagram, you might want to boost your Instagram engagement efforts more.

5. Subscriber growth

This is another simple metric that can tell you a lot about your audience and marketing efforts. The key to building a brand image that endures is gaining loyal customers who would do business with you for several years down the road. The best way to determine if you are able to gain loyal customers or not is by keeping an eye on your subscriber growth. An increasing number of subscribers means that your audience loves the work you are doing and wants to stay associated with you actively.


Clearly, you need not worry about each and every metric available to you to change your YouTube marketing efforts for the better. Focus on the simple metrics rather than confusing yourself with advanced ones that do not usually play a big role in boosting engagement. When it comes to YouTube Analytics, remember always to keep it simple.

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