4 Ways to Convert YouTube Views into Subscriptions – Our Guide

It is normal to enjoy a thousand views on your YouTube videos while experiencing little to no increase in subscriber count. Some people may be around to watch that specific videos, while others may completely ignore the fact that they can subscribe for more similar yet appealing content. The struggle here for you is to convert those views into subscribers.

If you are trying to turn views into subscriptions, fret not! In this article, we’ll give you four tips on how you can maximize the number of subscribers from your view count!

1. Make your channel attractive

Remember, first impressions are everything, especially when you’re trying to gain more subscribers. If they land on a channel that looks like there is little to no effort put into making the channel, let alone the videos, you can be sure that they won’t be back anytime soon. Because of this, ensure that the thumbnails of your videos are bright and exciting, and the design of the channel is unique and memorable.

In your channel banner, state precisely what you do. For the video that introduces your channel to viewers, talk about what you do, why you’re doing it, and what subscribers are going to enjoy if they subscribe. Finally, ensure that all the elements of your channel and YouTube are similar so that anyone seeing your video knows that you made it.

2. Create the right content

While you may believe that generating content of all kinds will attract the widest variety of audience, it actually won’t. When you try to satisfy everyone, you end up satisfying no one!

First, you must figure out who your audience is. By doing that, you’ll be able to know what content they’re interested in so that you’ll be able to create content that’s relatable to them. Ensure that your thumbnails also reflect precisely what the video is about. Otherwise, they’ll be greeted with something different, ruining their expectations and driving them away from the subscribe button.

3. Give a reason to come back

Without giving a reason for viewers to come back, you can’t expect that they will come back and continue watching all the videos you have uploaded. However, you can put effort into increasing the rate at which people come back for more.

For example, you can add cliffhangers to your videos to incite curiosity, motivating them to tune in for the next video. You can also give insight into the following video, so they know what to expect. In other words, build hype and do what it takes to attract people to watch more and more of your videos. Similar to TV shows and movies, you want to glue people to your channel. When you do that, you’ll have a much higher chance of getting them to click that subscribe button.

4. Set reminders to subscribe

Sometimes, people might assume they’ve already subscribed, or just forgot that it is something they can do.

For every video that you make, be sure to add a little reminder at the end for them to like the video and subscribe for more similar content. This is one of the most effective ways to get people to subscribe to your channel, whether they genuinely like your channel or want to help you out.

Generally, most people will not subscribe to a channel if there is nothing in it for them. When you apply the tips we’ve given you, keep that in mind. Continually find new ways to help potential subscribers realize the benefits they’ll gain from subscribing to you. When you perfect that craft, you’ll be enjoying an increase in subscribers in no time at all!

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