3 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel Without Paying for Ads

YouTube now has 1.9 billion active users globally and has grown to be the second most visited site. YouTube is being used as a platform by many digital marketers, influencers, entrepreneurs, gamers, politicians, or anyone who simply wants to send a message across through videos.

With so many channels available, it is so easy for yours to get lost in the crowd. Some YouTube users, especially big companies, have a budget solely intended for promoting their channel. However, for some, they might have to take advantage of alternative ways to promote their channel without having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars. Here’s how:

1. YouTube SEO

The first thing you need to do is optimize your account through natural and organic YouTube SEO. There are so many ways in which you can boost your SEO:

  • Custom Thumbnails – they can be an extra effort, but for anyone who wants to take YouTube seriously, custom thumbnails are a must.
  • Channel Description – writing an awesome channel description is a great opportunity, not only to tell YouTube who you are, what you do, and what your channel is all about but also to introduce personality the moment your viewers have the first glimpse of your channel.
  • Tag Videos – just like any other social media outlet, utilize YouTube’s tagging system. It will be easier for people to search for your videos, so make sure you have a lot of detailed tags related to your video.

2. Use Concise, Descriptive Titles

Titles are the first things viewers see when they check your content. You would want it to be catchy and attention-grabbing so that viewers will know what to expect from your channel.

Here are some basic tips for writing a punchy title:

  • Keep it simple, short, and sweet – YouTube’s most popular videos always have the shortest titles, with only about 60 characters or less. If you keep yours longer, it might get cut off when displayed.
  • Keywords should be included in the first part of the title to avoid losing pertinent information. The majority of online viewers tend to focus only on the start of a sentence.

3. Share Videos on Social Media Channels

Cross-promote your channel. When you have a new video out, share it on other social media platforms. By doing this, you are building a network outside of YouTube and direct traffic to your channel from other more famous networking/social media channels.

  • Promote on LinkedIn – if your video is related to your profession, LinkedIn is a good platform to promote your YouTube channel.
  • Embed with Blog Posts – to help drive more traffic to your channel, have your videos embedded on some well-known blog posts.
  • Post snippets on Snapchat, Instagram, or Vine – if there are short but memorable parts of your video worth posting, share snippets of it through these short-video platforms for viewers to take notice of your video and click your channel for the full video content.

YouTube is a powerful tool you can use to grow your business. While these are only simple and basic promotion techniques and strategies, there are so many resources you can use to help promote your channel. You can also contact collaborators or professional companies like YT Pals to help you gain more YouTube subscribers.

If you’re looking to get YouTube subscribers, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.