3 Ways to Increase YouTube Subscribers & Views Using Twitter – What to Know

twitter app on a phone

With more than 321 million active users on the platform itself, Twitter has grown in surprising numbers over the last few years alone. While every tweet may only be limited to 280 characters at most, the possibilities are endless when it comes to going viral on Twitter as its user base is one of the most active when compared to other social media platforms.

Now, you might be thinking: “Why should we talk about the connection between Twitter and YouTube?” Well, here’s the thing: when used correctly, Twitter can actually prove to be one of the most effective tools that you can use to generate even more YouTube subscribers.

The Twitter follower–YouTube subscriber connection

It may not seem like it at first, but Twitter’s viral factor spells an abundance of possibilities for any YouTube content creator to use along with strategic planning to attract more viewers to their channel. Twitter followers, in particular, provide major advantages as they are twice as likely to convert into YouTube subscribers as opposed to any other type of social media follower. This advantage alone can yield near-impossible subscriber gain rates if you plan accordingly. 

A few tips on turning your followers into loyal subscribers

Sure, it may seem quite difficult at first, but turning your Twitter followers into longstanding YouTube subscribers can be easily done with a few simple and effective tips. Here are several ways you can turn every Twitter follower into loyal YouTube subscribers that can make your channel the next big thing on the platform: 

1. Use every opportunity to promote your channel in a subtle manner—even posting in your replies

While it may primarily function as a place where users can discuss over a tweet in question, the replies thread provides a window of opportunity for content creators to expand their YouTube channel’s reach. 

Similar to the way SoundCloud musicians aggressively promote their songs in any comments section they’re in, posting links to your channel or latest video in the reply section of your most famous tweet is one of the best ways to get free advertising. By posting a slight plug in the replies thread of your own trending tweet, you’re essentially making the most out of Twitter’s virality factor and directing fresh eyes to click on the posted link and subscribe to your channel! 

2. Add your channel link in your Twitter bio

At one point or another, both your new and longtime subscribers will visit your Twitter profile to catch up on any tweets they’ve missed. This opens up another opportunity to advertise your YouTube channel once more! Putting a YouTube channel link in your Twitter bio is a great way to divert attention to your channel because it can pop up at the most convenient times when people want to learn more about you and your content as well. 

3. Use trending hashtags to your content’s advantage

Hashtags are just like Facebook’s shares and Instagram’s reposts. If you’re looking to draw attention to your video and YouTube channel in the fastest and most effective way possible, then it’s always a good idea to pair trending hashtags with any links to relevant videos you might have! 

If you want to give your YouTube channel a much-needed boost to reach greater degrees of relevancy with nothing more than wit and a keen eye for social media, then Twitter is a tool that has to be in your arsenal. With the right tips in mind, such as the ones given above, your Twitter account can eventually become your YouTube channel’s subscriber and video view generation machine in no time! 

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