3 Ways to Get More Views after Launching a Music Video – Our Guide

The entire process of launching a music video on YouTube can be a thrilling, yet challenging experience that can get the best of anyone. From pre-production, all the way to getting everything licensed and ready to take center stage, launching a music video on the ever-expansive platform can be nothing short of stressful.

Out of all the challenges that you’ll have to face when launching a music video on YouTube, however, getting as many views as possible will eventually pose itself as the biggest challenge that you’ll have to face. With over a billion users on its platform, it seems like not getting enough views on your video is impossible, right?

Know that this is an all-too-common problem that affects hundreds of thousands of content creators around the world. It may not seem like it now, but YouTube poses a fairly difficult challenge that up-and-coming artists have to deal with in terms of getting a fair amount of views for their efforts. As huge as the potential of your music video may be, it may be better not to put it out at all if the video will not garner the amount of views you desire.

Fortunately, getting your video noticed and boosting its total number of views isn’t as difficult or impossible as you might expect. In fact, a few simple, yet effective tips will definitely help to turn your situation around! If you want to leapfrog your way to stardom and draw everyone’s eyes to your music video, here are three tips that you can use to get more YouTube views:

1. Create an artist’s channel to upload your work with

The first element that YouTube users look for when gauging whether or not a channel’s content is worth viewing is authority. Having a channel that’s recognized as an artist’s own and taking the necessary steps to make it look sleek and professional is a great way to establish your authority and draw more views to your music video. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Use high-quality assets for your channel’s cover art
  • Set a relevant logo or profile pic for your channel that can catch any user’s attention
  • Post your contact details on the channel description for bookings and inquiries
  • Make a detailed channel description about yourself, the music that you create, and why you make music in the first place

2. Use creative titles to your advantage

Another surefire way to gain more views for your music video on YouTube is to use creative titles. At first, it may seem limited because your title is going to be no more than a song title, yet there are many opportunities to make it even better with a few tweaks.

For instance, you can put in the name of a musician that you collaborated with during the production process, your own name, and any other relevant details so that your music video can be more searchable! Once you have a proper working title, just sit back and wait for the views to roll in as more people find your videos with ease.

3. Incorporate the right tags in your videos 

One aspect of uploaded content to YouTube that most users overlook more than they should is the power of using tags for greater searchability. If you’ve been struggling to get a steady amount of views for your music video, then chances are that your content isn’t visible enough to be found easily. If you add a few tags, however, then you’ll boost your chances of landing in the suggested section!

Once you’ve put in a few important keywords in your video tags that are related to your genre, location, name, and other important details, you’ll be able to get more views as more users will begin to find your music video in their suggestions!

Getting as many views on your music video on YouTube can be a bit of a challenging task if you approach the entire process without the right bits of knowledge in mind. By following the tips in this article, you’ll be able to easily boost your music video from plain obscurity all the way to being the talk of the town!

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