3 Ways to Build Your YouTube Channel’s Subscriber List – Our Guide

Out of all the different users that could possibly view your channel, the subscribers that you have are the most crucial part of YouTube that engages the most with your content.

As simple as this information may be, most content creators end up making the crucial mistake of overlooking the importance of building their subscriber lists with a strategy. Given the fact that users subscribe to your channel in the first place due to the quality of your content, having a video strategy that follows the same principle will generate more subscribers.

With the proper promotion of incoming content and a robust strategy, you can easily draw more attention to your channel, which inadvertently leads to even more subscribers. Building your subscriber list, however, goes far beyond simply telling viewers to “like, share, and subscribe” until you sound like a broken record. In fact, the key to attracting more subscribers actually lies in an investment called communities

What are communities?

YouTube communities, in a nutshell, are sectors within the video platform itself that are dedicated to specific purposes or causes and act as a hub wherein users can gather and discuss the featured topic or niche. According to YouTube Creator Playbook itself, “communities are critical to building an audience on YouTube. After all, [it] is a social platform [wherein] liking, sharing, and commenting are key social features.

By creating an effective video strategy, you can use the collective power of garnering YouTube subscribers in communities by creating the right content that appeals to the entire sub-population or niche itself. Regardless of whether you’ve been meaning to actively build your audience or increase your channel subscribers, here are three simple, yet effective tips that you can use:

  1. Try asking them first

When jumping right into a community that best applies to the type of content that you put out, the first approach is simply asking every user to subscribe to your channel. If your channel can easily tell anyone who comes across it that it’s worth subscribing to, then it’s safe to say that you’ll have quite the amount of subscribers flowing in. You can either put the subscription prompt in your videos’ sign-offs, introductions, or short-and-sweet community posts.

  1. Pay attention to your annotations

As simple as they may seem, annotations are perhaps the most underrated tool that content creators can use to draw attention, captivate audiences, and garner views with as least effort as possible. With the help of YouTube’s Cards and End Cards tool, you can make the most out of the captions that you insert in your videos.

Channel subscriptions, in particular, have been made even easier to gain with the help of the Cards and End Cards tools. It is worth noting, however, that the location of your annotations on the screen, the timing, and the included text itself can all affect how effective they will be, so make sure to keep an eye out for these crucial details.

  1. Engage with your community

At the end of the day, YouTube users—just like any other social media user—want to interact with various channels or content creators that best pique their interest. Keep in mind that interacting or engaging with your network in the community area of YouTube is a guaranteed way to rake in a significant amount of subscribers. Talking to potential fans, posting about your content, and simply drafting up a post to thank everyone who follows you will suffice in drawing positive attention and boosting your subscription rates!

Aside from creating high-tier content, making a few simple tweaks to the way you use YouTube as a content creator will drive your subscription rates up by a significant margin. The three tips mentioned in this article may sound simple, but they’re all minor details with major effects that have helped YouTube’s top content creators find success with less effort.

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